Wilson US Open tennis balls review

Wilson US Open tennis balls Review

The Wilson US Open tennis balls are a staple in the tennis balls industry.

They absolutely crushed other models in our tests – It is the highest-rated tennis ball model we have tested, and its extra duty version secured first place in our test for the best performance on hard courts.

In this Wilson Us Open tennis balls review, we have considered multiple criteria: the ability to generate power, consistency, spin, feel and durability – to reach an overall performance grade.

Feel free to click on the links below to see how the Wilson Us Open tennis balls fared in each category. We also covered alternative models to consider – from its premium competitors to more accessible models.

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  • Extremely consistent
  • Premium feel
  • Allows for high-spin playing styles
  • Excellent construction quality


  • Not the most durable model

What sets the Wilson US open tennis balls apart from their competitors?

This model performs exactly like you would expect from Wilson, the legendary brand that produces some of the best tennis rackets on the market. The Wilson US Open tennis balls are incredibly consistent in bounce and spin, as well as their overall performance, during their lifespan. Even for competitive, high-intensity plays on abrasive courts, this ball is some points away from its competitors.


The Wilson US Open tennis balls have a great compromise between the power you can generate with them and how heavy they feel in the head of the racket.

Some other tennis ball models feel like they bounce straight from the racket to the opposite court, while you might struggle with getting them to the opponent’s baseline with other models. 

Not the Wilson US Open.

Although the power levels started to drop along our playtest, they maintained their consistency overall – this happens with all tennis balls, predominantly premium grade ones. They are engineered for performance and consistency, not durability.

Power grade – 4.8/5


The ability to spin with Wilson Us Open tennis balls is excellent.

This is the model we liked the most, of all we have tested, regarding spin.

As the playtest went on, their spin abilities were not considerably damaged – which is a big plus. 

Perfect balls to channel your inner Rafael Nadal’s baseline hits.

Spin Grade – 4.9/5

Touch & Feel

How did the Wilson Us Open fare in this review regarding their feel? As they should.

You expect premium, high-quality felt and overall feel for their substantial price tag. And that’s precisely what you get.

The felt (Wilson’s premium woven felt, by the way) wears off as you play with them – as it happens with all tennis balls (it’s physics!). But even in this criteria, they fare considerably better than comparable models.

Whether you hit hard from the baseline or play a checky volley or amortie, the Wilson US Open has you covered regarding overall bounce and heaviness.

Touch & Feel grade – 4.8/5


Durability is the Wilson Us Open tennis balls pitfall. They do not last very long. 

However, this is the case for virtually all premium models. 

Professional tennis balls are engineered for the performance and consistency of hits in the professional tour. At the astonishing speeds at that tennis pros hit the ball, they must replace balls several times during a match.

The manufacturer’s focus is that the balls they produce retain excellent performance and consistency in these harsh conditions, not to make them last an extra point or two.

Durability grade – 4/5


As you’ve seen in this Wilson US Open tennis balls review, these are some of the best tennis in the market. 

They are extremely consistent and excel regarding feel, spin, power and overall performance. The only disavantage of the Wilson US Open tennis balls is that they do not last very long – as it happens with most premium, high-end tennis balls.

However, this is your model for you if you care about performance above all else.

Overall grade – 4.8/5


  • Brand – Wilson;
  • USTA and ITF approved;
  • Premium Woven Felt;
  • 3 balls cans;
  • Extra duty and regular duty models available

Alternative models to consider

Pro Penn Marathon – A fantastic premium tennis ball, only second to the Wilson US Open tennis balls. They last longer than the Wilson US Open balls and are made with a particular type of felt for increased visibility. They bounce a lot less than the Wilson’s since they are meant to appeal to a different kind of player. Their price tag is similar to the Wilson US Open.

Wilson Prime All Court – A tennis ball that was constructed to play on all types of courts. They are much cheaper than the US Open and Pro Penn Marathon models and last longer. A good option for those looking for premium quality without breaking the bank.


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