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Wilson Baiardo review

Wilson Baiardo represents a revolution in tennis stringing machines, taking them to a whole new level.

Wilson spent 4 years developing it with the objective of creating the most comfortable and precise stringing machine ever.

Did they achieve it?

Let’s find out on this Wilson Baiardo review.

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Electronic constant pull tensioning system; 6 points mounting system

Multilingual digital LCD control panel with tilt, pulling speed, pre-stretch, and knot functions

Fixed swivel clamps; 360º rotating turntable; Standalone floor stand setting with automatic height adjustment;

Modular design for ease of replacement of any defective part

B.E.S.T. technology features 3 motors to create optimal angles for each phase of the stringing process


  • Amazing precision and reliability
  • Best ergonomics and stringing comfort in the market


  • Expensive

What sets it apart from its competitors / Main features

Wilson made Baiardo intending to create the best tennis stringing machine in the world. And we believe they hit a home run with this one.

As Wilson considered that many stringing machines on the market executed perfectly, most weren’t comfortable to use. Wilson crafted a machine that executes with millimetric perfection and achieves unparalleled comfort.  

Its B.E.S.T. (Biomechanically Efficient Stringing Technology) features 3 separate motors that adjust angles for optimal comfort during the stringing process’s different phases- while automatically adjusting its height based on the user and stringing phase.

The extraordinary level of comfort and exquisite performance makes Wilson Baiardo the best stringing machine in the market. It is even the official device of Wilson’s International stringing team, responsible for stringing the rackets players use in many major tournaments like the Australian and U.S. Opens.

However, its price could be more reasonable for most users.

If price isn’t a concern and you want the best, we recommend the Wilson Baiardo. You will not be disappointed. 

Wilson Baiardo features

Electronic constant Pull Tensioning System

Wilson Baiardo features the best tensioning system there is – an electronically controlled constant pull system. 

It achieves the perfect millimetric tension by constantly pulling the string and ensuring its tension is always on point.

As one of the best tennis stringing machines in the market, its tensioning system is world-class, as would be expected – extremely accurate precision at all times.

6-point Mounting System

As expected, Wilson Baiardo comes with a 6-point mounting system – meaning that 6 machine points are in contact and securing the racket’s frame when stringing. We found it to be extremely high-quality and sturdy, effortless to set up and use.

Mounting systems on stringing machines can range from 2 to 6, with 6 being the best.

The stringing process exercises a lot of pressure on the racket’s frame. Being a malleable material, the fewer points securing the frame in place, the more distortion happens – resulting in tension losses.

Standalone Setup with Automatic Height Adjustment

Wilson spent 4 years developing the Baiardo model.

Together with ergonomics specialists, they aimed to create the most comfortable stringing machine ever.

Its standalone setup automatically adjusts and tilts to the user’s height and different phases of the stringing. This feature is unparalleled – we haven’t seen it on any other model in the market.

Wilson calls it B.E.S.T. – Biomechanically Efficient Stringing Technology, and it represents a real revolution in the world of racket stringing.

Fixed clamps that swivel

As expected, Wilson Baiardo features world-class, durable, fixed dual-action, dual-swivel clamps to add to the stringing comfort and overall tension precision.

Digital Control

Wilson Baiardo features an LCD digital control panel that allows you to define every setting available.

It has 6 programmable user settings based on its height and preferences (fully customizable). So if you are the owner of a tennis store and have several of your employees using the machine, they can define their own settings and preference, and the machine will adjust to each one at the press of a button.

Another exciting feature is that the digital control is multilingual – you can choose the language between English, French, German, Spanish, Chinese, and Japanese. Again, we haven’t seen this feature on any other machine in the market.

360º Rotatable Turntable with Locking Brake

Everything in Wilson Baiardo’s setup rotates and tilts to perfection to adjust to each user and part of the stringing process.

As happens with the majority of premium stringing machines, it features a 360º rotatable turntable. 

With its 3 motors, the B.E.S.T. system can manually or automatically adjust its movement – creating an unparalleled stringing experience.


The pricing is Wilson’s Baiardo’s only con – its retail price is around 6000$ – it really isn’t a cheap tennis stringing machine.

This price tag is prohibitive for most business owners and individual tennis players. 

However, if you deal with a high volume of stringing needs and want the best tennis stringing machine there is, look no further.

Wilson Baiardo is the way to go.

Alternative Models to consider

Gamma 8900-ELS – Gamma’s premium model is Wilson Baiardo’s most significant competitor. While performance-wise, it is as top-notch as Baiardo’s, it does not possess all the advanced ergonomic features that Baiardo’s 3 independent motors and B.E.S.T. technology offer. But, it is considerably cheaper, so it might be the way to go for business owners.

Gamma X-ELS – One of the best tabletop models in the market and for less than one-third of Baiardo’s price, Gamma X-ELS is a highly competent model. While it does not possess all the adjustable features B.E.S.T. allows, it does possess some advanced features typically only found on stringing machines that cost thousands more.

Our Verdict

The Wilson Baiardo is the best tennis stringing machine on the market. Millimetric precision, unparalleled comfort and ergonomy, and incredible durability are what you can expect from this fantastic model.

However, it is also one of the most expensive models, and its price tag is prohibitive for most users.

If you want the best, Baiardo is the way to go.

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