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Tennis Twist ball machine review

The Tennis Twist is Sports Tutor’s take on a machine for beginners and kids who are starting to learn the art of tennis and want to improve their shots and technique.

It is one of the most inexpensive tennis ball machines on the market and extremely well constructed since its manufacturer is one of the most reputable brands there is, known for making quality tennis ball machines.

But is it worth it? And how does it stand against its competitors?

Let’s get to the Tennis Twist ball machine review.

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Ball capacity – 28 Balls; Ball ejection distance – 12-20 ft (3 to 6m)

Ball Speed – 10 to 20 mph (16 to 32 kmh)

Ball feed rate – 5 seconds

Playing time (Battery Model) – 5-10 hours

Weight (w/ Battery) – 11 pounds (5kg)


  • Excellent battery life, up to 10 hours
  • Inexpensive
  • Very lightweight


  • Low ball capacity of 28 balls
  • Lack of advanced features

What sets it apart from its competitors / Main features

The Tennis Twist is Sports Tutor’s take on a tennis ball machine for kids and beginners. It Is one of the cheapest ball machines available on the market.

It can launch balls between 12 to 20 feet (3 to 6 meters), with 5 different settings you can apply to define the ball’s trajectory. The balls will always come flat, with no spin settings available.

The Tennis Twist is aimed at people beginning their tennis journey – it is meant to train a specific shot repeatedly. Since beginners can not hit balls that come at them fast or with spin, this is perfect for them to practice their form and body movement. 

Using it in this scenario, it can be a perfect companion and even better than a coach in a way – since it launches balls the same way over and over again, to the same exact place on the court, it provides a way for beginners to adjust their form and hitting motion until they get it consistently right.

Its feed rate is a constant 5 seconds – no more, no less. 

It is also one of the lightest tennis ball machines we have tested. At 11 lbs (5 Kg), even kids can move it around and train on their own!

Tennis Twist ball machine features

Available drills

As one would expect from a tennis ball machine priced below $1000 (in truth, it sells significantly below $500), there are no programmability or shot randomization features.

The Tennis Twist can launch balls from 10 to 20 ft (3 to 6 mt), allowing you to practice your baseline hits or volleys, depending on your and the machine’s position on the court. The balls will come out flat, as this machine has no spin settings.

Remember that this entry-level machine is meant to teach kids and beginners to hit the ball properly. Given this, it does a good job, allowing them to hit different shots and train proper form and movement.

It can also be a great coaching assistant, doing a better job at feeding constant balls than you and liberating yourself (as a coach) to focus on other students or on analyzing movement and form.

Spin, Speed and Feed Rate

The Tennis Twist ball machine can feed balls between 10 to 20 mph (16 to 32 kmh), ranging its throws from 10 to 20 ft. (3 to 6 mts), depending on the chosen settings. It can only deliver flat balls – however, that’s all a beginner tennis student needs to practice its shots!

Regarding feed rate, it launches balls every 5 seconds. We feel that’s enough to give students a challenging session without it being too overwhelming.

Ball Capacity

The Tennis Twist tennis ball machine can hold up to 28 balls simultaneously. 

An interesting feature of this model is that, given its spiral shape, you can transport the balls in the machine itself.

As happens with all tennis ball machines, we recommend you use pressureless balls due to their durability. Given that they are fluffier and don’t bounce as much as regular tennis balls, it will be easier for the student to hit them consistently.

Remote Control (how to control the machine)

As happens with all tennis ball machines, you can always control the settings on the machine itself.

As there are not many settings to define, there’s no need for a remote control or smartphone app.

It would be interesting to have a remote option to start and stop ball feed, but this feature is usually available at an extra fee on high-end machines, so it would not be realistic to expect a machine as cheap as Tennis Twist to have this feature.

Battery and Charging

The Tennis Twist can be powered one of two ways – plugged into an AC outlet or using sic D sizes alkaline batteries. 

Surprisingly, the machine can last 5 to 10 hours of uninterrupted usage in its battery model! This is a very interesting timeframe, comparable with high-end machines that cost thousands of dollars.

The only downside of this setup is the replacement cost of the batteries – however, this can be diminished if you use rechargeable ones, making it almost neglectable.

Construction and Weight

This model features a unique spiral design that can hold balls, even when transporting it.

Its case is made from plastic and has a built-in carrying handle to facilitate moving it around.

It is one of the lightest tennis ball machines on the market, weighing only 11 pounds (5 kg), meaning even children can easily maneuver it.


The Tennis Twist is one of the cheapest tennis ball machines there are.

It is priced way below $500, making it a very interesting companion for aspiring tennis players starting their journey.

Alternative Models to consider

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Our Verdict

The Tennis Twist Sports Tutor is one of the cheapest tennis ball machines on the market.

While it can only launch flat, slow shots, it is perfect for a beginner or a kid to improve their technique and movement quickly.

If this is why you are in the market, look no further. If you wish to invest in something that will accompany you even when you become an intermediate or advanced player, we recommend you to read our guide on the best tennis ball machines on the market.

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