Tennis Tutor Plus
Tennis Ball Machine Review

Is it worth your money?

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The Tennis Tutor Plus tennis ball machine is one of the most complete models we have tested, and will certainly satisfy the most demanding players.

Features like its amazing maximum throwing speed of 85 MPH (129 KPH) and 1.5 seconds of minimum interval between shots make this machine ideal for advanced players.

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Evaluation and Metrics

Feature Set

Pros and Cons


Feed Rate – 1.5 to 10 seconds

Spin – top, back, both

Max Speed – 85 Mph (136 Kph)

Balls Capacity – 150

On-court time – 4 to 6 hours

Elevation – Electronic

Weight – 42 Lbs (19 Kg)

Warranty – 1 year

Tennis Tutor Plus Features

Tennis Tutor Plus

Available Drills

This model from the Sports Tutor manufacturer comes with preset drills and a built-in oscillator that shots random balls across the court.

It is also equipped with a 2-line oscillator, that can throw only random-wide or random-narrow shots, aside from the total random functionality.

If you’re looking for a tennis ball machine with full programability, read our Spinshot Plus 2 review or our Lobster Elite Grand Five review.


Spin, Speed and Feed rate

These are the features where the Tennis Tutor Plus outshines its competitors.

When it comes to spin, you can turn a knobble to define how much spin you want to be applied to the ball, ranging from full topspin to backspin.

This tennis ball machine can throw balls at an impressive 85 MPH (129 KPH), each one 1.5 seconds apart from the next.

These features will certainly appeal to the most advanced and demanding of players – the Tennis Tutor Plus scored higher in these two categories than any other model we have tested.


Ball Capacity

The Tennis Tutor Plus tennis ball machine can hold up to 150 balls at once, so you can enjoy your training session without being constantly picking balls from the court.

This value is in line with the most advanced ball machines on the market.


Remote control (how to control the machine)

Tennis Tutor Plus remote control

As it happens with most models, the Tennis Tutor Tennis ball machine can be controlled by its control panel on the machine itself.

For wireless options, like a remote control, you’ll have to spend a bit more.

This is also the case if you want to control the machine through your smartphone – the option is available, but a Bluetooth receiver must be installed by the manufacturer when you purchase the machine – at an extra cost, as one would expect.


Battery and Charging

This is another aspect where the Tennis Tutor Plus really shines. You can use it for 4 to 6 hours straight, which is very good when compared to its competitors. It has a low battery indicator, that beeps when you have 1.5 hours remaining of playing time – it comes in handy when you’re on court for several sessions or train several times a day.


Construction and Weight

This machine feels like it is made from durable materials, apart from its handle, which seems a little fragile – however, it never broke in any of our tests.

This is a relatively heavy machine, weighing 42 lbs. (19Kgs) – as one would expect from a machine as high-end as this one.



While it is not the cheapest machine out there, you’ll get a really complete and durable machine if you decide go ahead with the purchase.

It has, however, been dropping in price recently, so this would be the perfect time to make the investment.

Tennis Tutor Plus - Our Verdict

The Tennis Tutor Plus is an outstanding tennis ball machine, and some of its features really stand out from its competitors.

What you’ll get is a durable and well-constructed machine, with all the advanced features one would expect from a machine in this category.

All these features come hand to hand with a hefty price tag, so be prepared to spend a bit to purchase this beauty.


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