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Spinshot Pro Review

If you are looking for an intermediate tennis ball machine with some high-end features without breaking the bank too much, you’ve come to the right place – the Spinshot Pro is Spinshot’s mid-tier tennis ball machine, and one that is very well classified in our tennis ball machine’s ranking.

How does it fare against its competitors of the same price tag?

Let’s get to the Spinshot Pro review.

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Ball Feed Speed: 18 to 68 mph (30 to 110 kph); Ball Feed Interval: 2 to 10 seconds; Ball Capacity: 120 balls

Programmable Drills: No

Remote Control Options: Yes, remote watch; Phone Compatibility: No

Battery life: 2 – 3 hours; Battery charging: 8 to 12 hours for a fully charged battery

Weight: 18 kg [40 lbs] for the AC model, 20 kg [44 lbs] for the battery model; Dimensions: Height: 50 cm [21 in] Length: 50 cm [21 in] Width: 35 cm [14 in]; Case Construction: Powder-coated metal


  • Electronic height adjustment
  • Remote watch available for an additional fee
  • 12 different levels of spin, plus a flat shot option
  • Full random oscillation
  • Low recharging time
  • Solid construction


  • Low battery life
  • Speed and feed interval are set in steps, not exact measurements

What sets it apart from its competitors / Main features

The Spinshot Pro is the mid-level model of the reputable tennis ball machine brand, Spinshot. It comes with a full horizontal oscillator and 13 spin levels.

It only lacks programmability options, but that is reserved for high-end ball machines, which cost much more than this one.

It also comes with the option of having a remote control watch, which adds to the utilization comfort of this machine.

Overall, it is a fantastically constructed model with some high-end features and will certainly not disappoint you.

Spinshot Pro tennis ball machine features

Available drills

The Spinshot Pro tennis ball machine has an oscillator that allows full horizontal shots randomization.

This feature can be paired with adjustable feed rate, elevation, and ball speed to set up your training session. In itself, it allows for pretty challenging training sessions.

The elevation is electronically set, a plus compared to other tennis ball machines in this category.

It does not come with pre-programmed drills or programmability features. These kinds of features are only available on really high-end machines that cost a lot more. 

If programmability features are necessary, we recommend you look into the Spinshot Plus 2. It is currently classified, by our expert testers, as the best tennis ball machine in the market, and it allows you to program virtually every drill imaginable

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Spin, Speed and Feed Rate

Regarding ball speed and feed rate, these are on-pair with other tennis ball machines in the same price range as the Spinshot Pro. 

You can set the ball speed from 18 to 68 mph (30 to 110 kph) and adjust the feed rate from 2 to 10 seconds.

The spin capabilities of this machine are superior to those of comparable models. It allows for a total of 13 spin options – 6 backspin levels, 6 topspin levels, and a flat shot. 

Really interesting, especially taking into account the price tag of this machine and what comparable models from other brands offer regarding spin.

Ball Capacity

The Spinshot Pro can hold up to 120 balls at once. This is the standard on all Spinshot machines.

While there are tennis ball machines that have slightly higher ball capacity, 120 balls is more than enough.

Remote Control (how to control the machine)

As happens with every tennis ball machine, every setting can be defined by the knobs and buttons on the Spinshot Pro’s control panel on the machine itself.

Besides that, a remote control watch is also available for an additional fee. The comfort of having a watch that can control the machine is a big plus – you can alter the settings and start and stop the machine directly from your wrist.

Battery and Charging

Regarding recharging time, the Spinshot Pro excels, especially compared to other models in its price tier.

It takes 8 to 12 hours to fully recharge – the perfect time frame to let it charge during the night. Comparable models take anywhere from 12 to 15 hours to recharge.

However, it only lasts 2 to 3 hours on-court (depending on the settings chosen – high speed and spin use more battery than low ones). This is lower than comparable models but still good enough for a private-use machine, as it is highly unlikely that your training session surpasses that timeframe. 

If you are a club or coach and require more on-court time, we recommend investing in its A/C powered option – it allows unlimited, uninterrupted use as long as it is plugged in.

Construction and Weight

The Spinshot Pro’s case is made from powder-coated metal, so you can be sure it is sturdy enough to take any shot you might take to its case. 

Regarding weight, it is on-pair with comparable models – 44 lbs (20 kgs)


The Spinshot Pro is a mid-tier tennis ball machine priced slightly above $1000. 

Considering the offered features, we feel its price tag is on point.

Alternative Models to consider

Spinshot Player – This is Spinshot’s upgrade to the Spinshot Pro. It possesses full programmability capabilities, preset drills, a high-spin option (which increases the machine’s maximum speed and spin), and full compatibility with Android and IOS at no extra charge. 

Tennis Tutor Plus – A really advanced model catered to advanced players. It has a maximum ball speed of 85 mph (136 kph) and a minimum feed rate of 1.5 seconds. It has a great battery life as well.

Our Verdict

The Spinshot Pro is an excellent model for intermediate to advanced players who don’t need (or are unwilling to pay for) programmability options.

Its oscillator allows for challenging training sessions, and its spin options are above comparable models in its price range.

A great model overall.

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