Spinshot Plus 2 Tennis Ball Machine Review

Is it worth your money?

The Spinshot Plus 2 model is the tennis ball machine we recommend for players who want the best. It derives from the previous Spinshot models, combining the best features of the Spinshot Player and Plus models.

Below you’ll find a complete analysis of Spinshot Plus 2 to help you decide if it is worth for you.

We’ve also covered a few alternatives to this model. Let’s dig into it.

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Evaluation and Metrics

Feature Set

Pros and Cons


Feed Rate – 2 to 10 seconds

Spin – top, back, both

Custom drills – Yes

Ball Speed – Up to 68 Mph (109 Kph)

Random Oscilation – Horizontal, Vertical, both

Spin – top, back, both


Ball Capacity – 120

Elevation – 50 degrees

Elevation Type – eletronic

Court time – 2 to 3 hours

Charging Time – 13 to 16 hours

Mobile App – Yes


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Spinshot Plus 2 Features

Spinshot Plus 2 tennis ball machine

Available Drills

The Spinshot Plus 2 comes with 12 preprogrammed drills, of 6 balls each. You can adjust every drill, or even program your owns to fit your specific needs. This is an outstanding feature and part of what makes this model such a good one. This is a great improvement from its antecessor, the Spinshot Pro.

The machine will accompany you as you get better, as you’ll be able to program more demanding drills as your skillset allows.

Here are the settings you can combine to achieve your ideal drill:

  • Horizontal angle (20 to choose from)
  • Ball speed (20 levels from 18 to 68 MPH)
  • Ball spin (19 different spin rates)
  • Ball feed interval (2 to 10 seconds between balls)
  • Shots height (50 angles to select)


Spin, Speed and Feed rate

To achieve real-match simulation conditions, a premium tennis ball machine must be able to throw different types of shots at you. 

The Spinshot Plus 2 tennis ball machine supports up to 19 levels of spin – 9 backspin, 9 topspin and a flat shot. This is a very interesting feature on itself and one that sets it apart from its competition.

When it comes to ball speed, it can reach a max speed of 68 MPH (110 KMH), a little below industry standard of 80 MPH (129 KPH), as it happens with all Lobster models.

You also control the time between shots, ranging from a shot every 2 to 12 seconds.


Ball Capacity

It is useful to have a tennis ball machine that can hold some balls. The better the ball capacity, the fewer times you’ll have to stop hitting to catch the balls on the court. The Spinshot Plus 2, as all the Spinshot models we’ve tested, can hold up to 120 balls – in line with the market standard.


Remote control (how to control the machine)

Spinshot Plus 2 custom drills

You can control the Spinshot Plus 2 in 3 ways: phone app (Android and IOS), Apple Watch and via the OLED screen in the control panel.

You can do everything you need on the App, with no need to ever touch the machine: from drill programming to settings adjustment. This makes an excellent upgrade and a noting feature of this machine, as these kind of connectivity options usually comes as extra features in other models in the market, with the expected pricing adjustment.

As for the Apple Watch connectivity, this is a welcome feature for the Apple fanbase. You can easily control your machine from the other side of the court, discarding the need of having your phone in your pocket. Definitely a feature to look for if you’re a fan of the tech giant, as the comfort this option gives you is unparalleled.


Battery and Charging

This is where Spinshot Plus 2 falls behind its competition.

This model allows for 2 to 3 hours of gameplay, depending on the drills chosen (higher spin and speed drain more power). While this is enough for most players, as most sessions don’t surpass 2 hours, it can be frustrating when you want to play multiple times a day. The recharching takes 8 to 15 hours.

If this aspect is a dealbreaker for you, the option to buy an external battery or a main power model to plug into a socket in your court directly from Spinshot is available, at an added cost. We also suggest you to read our review on the Lobster Elite 2 – a comparable model, with much longer battery life.


Construction and Weight

The Spinshot Plus 2 tennis ball machine is made from powder-coated metal and it feels very durable and well designed.

It weighs 37 Lbs (18 Kgs) – lighter than most models in the premium category.



While it is not the cheapest machine in the market, it is the best. For this reason, we recommend its purchase if you’re looking to use the machine frequently and enjoy all the unique programmability options it comes with. If you do not, we recommend you to look into their entry level tennis ball machine, Spinshot Lite.

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Spinshot Plus 2 - Our Verdict

The Spinshot Plus 2 tennis ball machine is the best choice in the market for medium to advanced players – its programmability options are unparalleled and most of its features are in line or above what other machines in the premium category have to offer – rivaling only with the Lobster Elite Grand 5.

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