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Spinshot Player tennis ball machine review (2023)

The Spinshot Player is one of the most advanced tennis ball machines on the market, possessing high-end programmability features and can be easily controlled by a smartphone App at no extra cost.

But does it live up to the hype?

Let’s get to the Spinshot Player review.

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Ball Speed: 18 to 68 mph (30 to 110 kph). Maximum ball speed on high-spin model: 80 mph (129 kph) ; Feed Interval: 2 to 10 seconds; Ball Capacity: 120 balls

Programmable Drills: 12 Drills of 6 shots

Battery life: 2 – 3 hours; Battery charging: 8 to 15 hours for a fully charged battery

Weight: 19 kg [42 lbs] for the AC model, 21 kg [46 lbs] for the battery model; Dimensions: Height: 50 cm [21 in] Length: 50 cm [21 in] Width: 35 cm [14 in]; Case Construction: Powder-coated metal

Phone Compatibility: Android or IOS (iPhone), connection via Wi-Fi, Apple Watch supported


  • Programmable drills
  • Adjustable preset drills
  • 18 different spin levels, plus a flat shot
  • Phone compatibility for no extra charge


  • Long-time for a full charge
  • Low battery life

What sets it apart from its competitors / Main features

The Spinshot Player is one of the highest-rated tennis ball machines on the market, and its reputation is justified. It is only surpassed by the Spinshot Plus 2, which combines this model’s features with the ones you can find on the Spinshot Plus. It is the predecessor of the well-known Spinshot Pro tennis ball machine.

The best feature of this model is its programmability options – only found on high-end tennis ball machines that usually cost much more. 

You can program your own drills, defining every setting from ball speed to spin and feed rate, elevation, and where you want the ball to land on the court. Plus, it also comes with preset drills that you can use as they come or adjust based on the criteria above.

Another great feature of this model is the spin settings. You can apply 18 different types of spin to the ball – 9 backspin, 9 topspin, and a flat shot. This gives you a great range to work with and adds a lot of variability to your training sessions. 

Also, a high-spin model is available for an extra fee. This feature is only recommended to advanced tennis players since its advantage is that it can maintain high ball speed at high spin rates. The graphic below in this article illustrates this feature better.

To add to your comfort, a smartphone app for Android and IOS is available for no extra fee. Most tennis ball machines have this alternative to control it, but it is, more often than not, available at an additional cost only.

The only downside of this model is the battery life and recharging times. It can only last between 2 to 3 hours of uninterrupted use and can take 8 to 15 hours to recharge. 

While an AC option or an extra battery can be purchased, we would like the battery to last a little longer on the court. While this timeframe might be enough for a personal use tennis ball machine, as an individual training session hardly lasts 2 hours, it certainly isn’t for club use or if you are a tennis coach who wants to use the machine on several students in a row.

Spinshot Player tennis ball machine features

Available drills

The programmability options on the Spinshot Player tennis ball machine are definitely, a high point.

Besides the speed, spin, and feed rate requirements, it is what makes advanced tennis players its target audience. It is the ability to adapt your training sessions to your specific needs and the shots you want to practice. And the Spinshot Player makes a damn good job at it.

You can program and store 12 different drills, of 6 shots each – each with its own spin, speed, elevation, feed rate, and on-court landing settings. This means you can virtually program every drill you can think of, adjusting every shot and sequence. 

Besides that, the machine also comes with a set of pre-defined drills – all adjustable.

This makes the Spinshot Player a force to consider on the tennis ball machines market and an excellent companion on your tennis journey.

Spin, Speed and Feed Rate

spinshot player high spin model

Spin is a great asset for you to use on this model. You can define 18 different spin settings – 9 topspin and 9 backspin – plus a flat shot. This gives you plenty of options and adds variability to your training sessions, simulating real match conditions.

Regarding ball speed, we feel that the maximum ball speed of 68 mph (110 kph) could be higher, especially when compared with its main competitors.

However, a high-spin model is available for an available fee. It extends the maximum ball speed to 80 mph (129 kph) while maintaining impeccably high spin at high velocities. If you plan to use the max settings of this machine regarding spin and speed, we recommend you invest in it.

The minimum feed rate of this model is 2 seconds, which is on-pair with other models on the market and perfect for advanced tennis players.

Ball Capacity

Spinshot Player’s maximum ball capacity is 120 balls.

This is a standard in all high-end tennis ball machines Spinshot produces, but still below other comparable brands and models – Lobster, for example, has a standard 150 ball capacity.

While this is not a dealbreaker, you will have to stop your training sessions more often to pick the balls up from the court.

Remote Control (how to control the machine)

There are several ways to control this machine. As happens with all tennis ball machines, you can always define everything in the control panel on the machine itself. 

However, a smartphone App for both IOS and Android phones is available at no extra fee, which we consider a big plus. Generally, this feature is available on other models and brands, but for an additional cost.

Besides that, a remote watch can be bought with the machine if you prefer to control it that way.

Battery and Charging

This is one of the lowest points of this machine, especially if you require it for club or coaching use. 

The battery lasts only 2 to 3 hours, below other comparable models in the market.

It boils down to what purpose you need the machine for. If it is meant for personal use, your session will likely be at most 2 hours, so it is enough.

If you are a tennis coach or a club owner, invest in an AC adapter or consider another model with more battery life, like the Lobster Elite Grand 5.

Besides that, Spinshot says it needs 8 to 15 hours to recharge fully, which is a little too much compared with other models.

Battery and recharging are really the low points of this machine.

Construction and Weight

The Spinshot Player is a sturdy and compact machine whose case is made of powder-coated metal – It can withstand shots to its case with ease, so you can rest assured in that department.

Its weight is what you would expect from a model with all this “power” and technology: 19 kg [42 lbs]for the AC model and 21 kg [46 lbs] for the battery model.


Regarding Spinshot Player’s price, we believe that it is on point.

It sells for around $2000, depending if you choose the extra features available (high spin model, remote watch, AC adapter, and extra batteries) or its standard model.

For a tennis ball machine with advanced programmability functionalities compared with other models, $2000 is the minimum for this kind of machine and its features.

Alternative Models to consider

Spinshot Plus 2 – This model comprises the best features from the Spinshot Player and Plus models. It achieved the highest grade of all the tennis ball machines we have tested – to be considered the best tennis ball machine on the market. Check the lowest price on our partners here

Lobster Elite Grand V – Lobster’s response to the Spinshot Plus 2. It is a highly advanced tennis ball machine with incredible programmability options. It also features a long battery life, one of the downsides of Spinshot’s tennis ball machines. Check the lowest price on our partners here.

Our Verdict

The Spinshot Player is one of the top tennis ball machines on the market. Its programmability options allow you to program virtually every drill imaginable, catering to advanced players’ needs. 

The only downside is its battery life – if it is not a dealbreaker for you, you will certainly be satisfied with this model.

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