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Slinger Bag tennis ball machine review

The Slinger Bag tennis ball machine aims to revolutionize the tennis ball machine market by producing a highly efficient and complete machine at a fraction of the price. 

What started as a Kickstarter campaign quickly became one of the best-selling tennis ball machines in the world.

Its manufacturer, Slinger Bag Ldt., even went public following its initial success.

But does the Slinger Bag live up to the hype?

Let’s get to the machine’s playtest and complete review.

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33 Lbs (15 Kgs) weight; Dimensions: 14” x 18” x 34” (35.6cm x 45.7cm x 86.4cm); Launch speed of 10-45 mph (16-73 km/h); Battery life up to 3.5 hours; Remote control; USB panel for phone charging; Elevation knob up to 40 degrees; Feed rate between 2 and 7 seconds; Ball capacity of 144 balls.


  • Affordable
  • Excellent ball capacity (144 balls)
  • Lightweight
  • Great topspin


  • Low maximum ball speed
  • Balls sometimes get stuck in the hopper
  • The remote control can be unreliable at a distance

What sets it apart from its competitors / Main features

The Slinger Bag packs some exciting features, especially considering its low price tag. Our experts consider it the second-best tennis ball machine under $1000, so you can rest assured that you get the value for the money spent.

It packs some excellent ball capacity, rivaling the best and most expensive tennis ball machines in the market. 

In our playtest, we also noted that the Slinger Bag’s spin abilities are potent, a big plus in catering to more advanced tennis players.

They also offer the Grand Slam Pack for an additional fee, which comes with an oscillator, a ball tube, a camera holder, and a few other extras. 

We recommend you invest in the Grand Slam pack, especially its oscillator – it makes this machine a lot more competitive and complex. Even with the additional fee, the total price tag still remains below $1000, making it an exciting model.

Slinger Bag tennis ball machine features

What comes in the Grand Slam Pack?

  1. Slinger Ball Launcher – The Machine itself.
  2. Remote Control – To control the machine’s oscillator and turn it off and on.
  3. Oscillator – A square plate that will rotate and turn to launch balls to different sides of the court
  4. Slinger Telescopic Ball Tube – A ball tube to pick the balls up from the court.
  5. Slinger Phone Holder – To record your training sessions. A convenient feature that we have not seen in any other model.
  6. Power Charger – To charge your machine’s battery.

Available drills

As one would expect from a tennis ball machine priced below $1000, it does not come with programmability options. To have these kinds of features, you would have to invest somewhere around $2000.

If you are looking for this kind of feature, we recommend you to look into our Spinshot Plus 2 tennis ball machine review.

However, the oscillator present in the Grand Slam pack can make up for it.

It is an enjoyable feature to have and one that is absent in many tennis ball machines of this price tag.

Spin, Speed and Feed Rate

We were pleasantly surprised by the Slinger Bag’s spin abilities.

They are considerably superior to the ones found on comparable models of their price tag.

Another exciting feature is its elevation possibility: 10 to 40 degrees. When combined with the oscillator, you can create powerful training sessions.

Maximum ball speed is where the Slinger Bag fails to live up to the hype – it can only launch balls up to 40 mph (53 kph), which can be somewhat low for more advanced players. 

If you require fast launching speeds, we recommend you to check our Tennis Tutor Plus analysis – it can launch balls up to 85 mph (136 kph).

Regarding feed rate, we consider the Slinger Bag to be up to the industry’s standards. It can launch balls at you every 2 seconds, which is more than enough, even for advanced players. 

Ball Capacity

The Slinger Bag’s ball capacity is impressive – 144 balls at once.

On the top of the industry, even when compared to high-end models, such as the Lobster Elite Grand Four, that costs significantly more.

Besides that, if you choose to invest in the Grand Slam pack, it even comes with a ball tube to help pick the balls from the court. 

Remote Control (how to control the machine)

While the grand Slam pack has a remote control, it can only control the on/off button and oscillator. For every other feature, like spin, speed, and elevation, you can control it on the control panel, as with every other machine. 

It can come in handy even if the remote control could be more powerful. With almost every model in the market, this feature is available only for an additional price, so we call this a plus.

Battery and Charging

The Slinger Bag tennis ball machine can last up to 3.5 hours on the court and reach a full charge in 5 hours, according to Slinger Bag Ldt.

We consider this feature in line with other comparable models. 

While it is not the most lasting machine in the world, 3.5 hours can make for 2 or 3 training sessions – perfectly acceptable for a personal use tennis ball machine. 

Its charging time is very interesting – some other machines, even high-end ones, require a timeframe of 6, 8, or even more hours of charging to provide the same time on the court. Spinshot Player, a high-end model from one of the most reputable brands in the market, takes up to 15 hours to achieve the same on-court time as the Slinger Bag. 

Construction and Weight

This is a very lightweight model, as the Spinshot Lite, perfect for transport and personal use. It is made with durable plastic and has textile body cover handles to facilitate transport.

Given that it only weighs 33 Lbs (15 Kgs) and it measures 14” x 18” x 34” (35.6cm x 45.7cm x 86.4cm), it can easily fit in the back of any car and be moved to and from the court.


The Slinger Bag is an affordable model catered to those who want a tennis ball machine with some features but don’t want to break the bank. 

It is a very interesting purchase for its modest price tag – below $1000, even with the Grand Slam Pack option.

If it still feels to expensive for you, look into the Tennis Twist tennis ball machine, an entry-level ball machine priced below $500.

Alternative Models to consider

Lobster Elite Liberty – This is considered the best tennis ball machine under $1000, and one of the 5 best tennis ball machines in the market. It has almost all the functionalities the Slinger Bag has, plus a maximum launching speed of 80 mph (129 kph) – the Slinger bag’s major flaw. And it sells for about the same price tag.

Wilson tennis ball machine – With a minimum feed rate of 1.5 seconds and a max launching speed of 75 mph (120 kph), this model is a very interesting Slinger Bag competitor. The confidence given by its manufacturer, the Wilson brand, combined with its modest price tag (also under $1000, as the Slinger Bag), makes it an exciting alternative to look into.

Spinshot Plus 2 – If you are looking for a tennis ball machine with advanced programmability options, look no further. Our expert testers considered this model the best tennis ball machine in the market. While this is a high-end machine (with a high-end price tag), it will definitely get the job done for the years to come.

Our Verdict

The Slinger Bag lives up to the hype – an excellent tennis ball machine, with some advanced features, for a fraction of the price of high-end models.

The Grand Slam pack brings an additional layer of functionalities, such as the oscillator, that make this machine a worthy competitor, even when compared to higher-end models.

Its most significant flaw is its maximum throwing speed which can feel short. But, given that this is a tennis ball machine catering to beginner and advanced players and its price tag is below $1000, this model is an excellent purchase.          

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