Pro Penn Marathon tennis balls

Pro Penn Marathon review

The Pro Penn Marathon tennis balls are Penn’s top-shelf tennis balls. 

This model is a serious contender for the top spot of our best tennis balls ranking – the only model we’ve tested that can compete with the Pro Penn Marathon’s is the Wilson US Open – and it is a close race.

However you slice it, the Pro Penn Marathon are impressive tennis balls – made with advanced players in mind.

Let’s get to the review?

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Brand – Penn;

USTA and ITF approved;

Optik Felt; 3 balls cans;

Extra duty, extra duty high-altitude and regular duty models available


  • Premium quality and consistency
  • Durable model
  • Optik felt for increased visibility


  • Costly tennis balls

What sets it apart from its competitors / Main features

The Pro Penn Marathon is slightly different from the standard tennis ball.

They don’t bounce much.

While this could be viewed as a flaw in their design, we assure you it isn’t. They are made with control in mind, and their bounce is incredibly consistent – unlike other balls that bounce a lot the first few points and then turn flat.

They are engineered to appeal to a specific type of player – this is a light model made for control play. So, either you love it, or you don’t.

We, personally, love its unique bounce very much. It’s up to personal preference.

Another standout feature of the Pro Penn Marathon tennis balls is that they are incredibly durable for their price tag. Usually, high-end tennis balls like this one don’t last very long since they are made with the quality of play in hard-hitting settings in mind, not durability.

We found that the Pro Penn Marathon retains its optimal performance for much longer than their top-shelf counterparts, which is a great plus – since you are also paying premium for this model.

Pro Penn Marathon Evaluation Criteria


The Penn Pro Marathon makes it easy to generate power. While they are not the most bouncy of balls, if you strike them, they do not stumble.

You definitely feel the ball’s power on the racket’s head, meaning you have to accelerate the ball to reach faster speeds.

But, since they are not the bounciest ball in the market, they forgive if the technique is imperfect – maintaining their excellent bounce/power ratio for a very long time.

Power grade – 4.7/5


This ball is a control-based model, not a spin one. With this said, their spin abilities are still considerably greater than your average tennis ball.

For an all-round playing session, with all types of shots being played (spin included), this ball is perfect. If all you like to do is channel your inner Rafael Nadal and his spin abilities, the Wilson US Open tennis balls might suit you best.

Spin Grade – 4.6/5


Consistency is Penn Pro Marathon’s greatest asset.

This is the evaluation category that distinguishes premium from average tennis balls the most. And the Pro Maraton is one of the most consistent tennis balls on the market.

It maintains its bounce and performance for almost the entire lifespan – which, in itself, makes this model an exciting purchase. 

Consistency grande – 5/5

Touch & Feel

The touch and feel of the Penn Pro Marathon are what you would expect from such a premium tennis ball. 

It is soft and comfortable, and its felt maintains consistency as you play with them. It wears down, as happens with all tennis balls, but it takes way longer than the standard tennis ball.

Another standout from this model is its Optik Felt – a bright yellow felt that increases ball visibility. It is perfect for playing at night or in low visibility conditions.

Touch & Feel grade – 4.8/5


Another standout from the typical high-end tennis ball.

Premium tennis balls are engineered with performance in mind more than anything. 

They are made to be used by professional players, to be hit at the astonishing speeds they do, and to be replaced after a few points.

The Penn Pro Marathon last surprisingly long while maintaining its optimal performance. This is due to Penn’s exclusive Encore technology that the brand advertises that makes the ball last 22% longer than the average tennis ball. We found this statement to be true.

If you are looking for the best tennis ball for hard courts, the Pro Penn Marathon also have a Extra Duty model that last longer than its regular duty model on this type of surfaces.

You pay a premium price for a can of Penn Pro Marathon tennis balls – but at least you know you are getting a high-end tennis experience that lasts longer than the average tennis ball.

Durability grade – 4.6 / 5


The Pro Penn Marathon is one of the best models on the market.

Great consistency, a unique bounce style that difers from the standard tennis ball and is made to appeal to control-oriented players and excellent durability for such a premium tennis ball are its standout features.

While they may be costly to acquire, we find that they are well worth the price.

Overall grade – 4.7 / 5

Alternative Models to consider

Wilson US Open – The only model our expert testers considered superior to the Penn Pro Marathon, being awarded the title of the best tennis ball in the market. Between them, it is a matter of taste.  The Wilson US Open’s bounce is more consensual since it allows for more spin-like plays. However, certain players (especially control-oriented ones) find Penn’s unique bounce more appealing. Try them both out and see which one suits you best!

Wilson Prime All Court – A tennis ball constructed to play on all surfaces. They are much cheaper than the US Open and Pro Penn Marathon models and last longer—a good option for those looking for premium quality without breaking the bank.

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