Lobster Elite Liberty
Tennis Ball Machine Review

Is it worth your money?

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The Lobster Elite Liberty is the ideal model for those who want a tennis ball machine that can give them consistent training sessions for a fraction of the price of other machines.

We recommend its purchase for beginner to medium players.

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Feature Set

Pros and Cons


Feed Rate – 2 to 12 seconds

Spin – top, back

Ball speed – 10-80 Mph (16-129 Kph)

Ball Capacity – 150

Random Oscillation – Horizontal

Court time – 2 to 4 hours

Elevation – manual, 0-50 degrees

Weight – 36 Lbs (16 kg)

Lobster Elite Liberty Features

Available Drills

As one would expect from a price tag of around 1000 $, it has no pre-programmed drills or programmability capacities.

However, it has random horizontal oscillation, meaning it will make you run from one side of the court to another, just like in a real game. In itself, this feature can make for a pretty challenging tennis session.

lobster elite liberty drills

Moving the tennis ball machine closer or further from the net will allow you to control how far right or left it will launch the ball.

If you need more advanced drills, we recommend you to look into our review on the Lobster Elite 2.


Spin, Speed and Feed rate

A good model needs to be able to throw balls with different levels of spin and intensity, for a challenging and diverse training session The Lobster Elite Liberty supports 9 spin levels – 4 backspin, 4 topspin and a flat shot.

When It comes to ball speed, its max throwing speed of 80 MPH (129 KMH) is amazing for a machine so cheap, competing even with the most high-end models in this aspect. Regarding feed rate, it can launch balls every 2 seconds, every 12 seconds, or anything in between. 


Ball Capacity

The Lobster Elite Liberty tennis ball machine has a maximum capacity of 150 balls. This is common to all the Lobster machines we’ve tested, and it’s a nice feature to have, especially on a tennis ball machine that’s whose target is beginner to advanced players. Machines around this price tag usually hold much fewer balls at once – the only exception is the Slinger Bag, a comparable model that can hold up to 144 balls at once.


Remote control (how to control the machine)

lobster elite liberty control panel

The machine is controllable by its control panel, on the machine itself. For an additional cost, you can purchase a remote control that allows you to fully define the machine settings from your side of the court.

Battery and Charging

The Elite Liberty battery holds enough energy to power a training session as long as 2 to 4 hours, depending on the ball speed that’s defined, among other settings. While there are machines that surpass these values, they are generally much more expensive. For this price tag, we consider the 4 hours maximum court-time feature as a pretty interesting one, as it surpasses most of its competitors in this category. If more time is needed, an AC power unit can be purchased at an additional cost, as it happens with most Lobster models.

Construction and Weight

Constructed from durable plastic, the Lobster Elite Liberty doesn’t feel like the most advanced material, but it gets the job done.

At 35lb (16 Kg), it is one of the lightest models in the market – definitely something to consider in a portable tennis ball machine.


This model is one of the most inexpensive models on the market, and it has some interesting features that are comparable with some more expensive models – as has been a staple in all models from the Lobster brand. Our experts consider it the best affordable tennis ball machine in the market. Some other interesting models for your consideration are the Spinshot Pro and the Wilson tennis ball machine  – a comparable model with some high-end features. 

If you are really on a tight budget, we recommend you look into our Tennis Twist review.

Our Verdict

We consider the Lobster Elite Liberty tennis ball machine to be a great option if you’re a beginner to advanced player looking for a serious ball machine, without breaking your wallet.

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