Klippermate review

So you’re considering stringing your own tennis racket. A great decision!

Klippermate is one of the most popular tennis racket stringing machines ever. A simple device paired with a competitive pricing tag makes this model a player’s favorite.

But how does it perform and fare against its competitors?

We have you covered.

Let’s get to the Klippermate review.

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Drop weight tensioning system; 2-point mounting system; Floating clamps; Tabletop setup


  • Very cheap
  • Durable
  • Good construction for its price tag
  • Very portable


  • Clamps do not always work consistently
  • Serious stringers will outgrow this machine
  • It takes considerable time to string a racket

What sets it apart from its competitors / Main features

The Klippermate is one of the best-selling tennis racket stringing machines ever, and for a good reason – It’s priced way cheaper than its direct competitors.

Costing just a few hundred dollars, it is surprisingly sturdy and durable.

While it is an elementary stringing device, it gets the job done and appeals to a different class of tennis players than the usual ones – the recreational tennis player that would like to string their own racket and try different setups, but for whom ain’t worthy of investing in a typical stringing machine.

Also worth noting is that the brand advertises that the machine is wholly manufactured in the USA since this might appeal to some users.

klippermate USA features

A drop-weight string tensioning mechanism

As expected, given its affordable price point, the Klippermate features a drop-weight mechanism.

Compared with other drop-weight mechanisms, Klippermate’s is very sturdy and accurate.

This string tensioning mechanism leverages simple physics (torque = force * distance). A weight is attached to the machine and moved around in a bar to create the desired string tension.

While this is the most straightforward stringing mechanism, it gets the job done if you don’t require millimetric precision.

So Klippermate would not be suitable for professional use but perfectly acceptable if you are an amateur tennis player who wants to string your racket. Unless you are a professional tennis player, it is doubtful that you would feel the “tension margin” that a drop-weight mechanism allows.

2-point Mounting System

Klippermate features a 2-point mounting system, the simplest there is, as it is the case with most budget tennis stringing machines.

The mounting system refers to how many machine points secure the racket in place when stringing. Klippermate secures the racket in two places when stringing.

The more points of contact a stringing machine has, the more accurate the string tension is because the applied force distorts the racket’s frame. This is especially valid on rackets that have oversized frames.

Professional-grade tennis stringing machines, like the Wilson Baiardo, typically have 6-point mounting systems.

Tabletop Setup

Portability is one of Klippermate’s greatest strengths.

Being a tabletop stringing machine signifies that it can be used on any surface, like a table or a floor. 

Its counterpart, standalone devices, feature stands with adjustable height – it adds to the comfort and overall stringing experience while sacrificing portability since they are way larger and heavier.

Since Klippermate’s weight is considerably lower than other machines, even compared to other drop-weight tabletop stringing machines, it is highly portable – you can easily carry it to your tennis club or a friend’s house!

Floating Clamps

Clamps are what hold the strings in place when stringing.

Like the ones Klippermate comes with, floating clamps are not attached to the machine itself. Because of this, they don’t hold tension as well as fixed ones attached to the machine.


Pricing is definitely Klippermate’s greatest asset.

It is one of the best cheap tennis stringing machines in the market, which is one of the reasons why it is one of the most sold.

It is so cheap that even a recreational player that plays once or twice a week would quickly break even on their investment. Considering that the labor for having someone string your tennis racket could reach 25$, it would only require around 10 stringings to start saving money.

Alternative Models to consider

Gamma X-Stringer X2 – Gamma’s entry model is a serious Klippermate competitor. A drop-weight device that provides a more comfortable stringing experience – its 360º rotating turntable is a very welcome feature and typically only available on higher-end models. Worth a look!

Gamma X-ELS – This is one of the best tennis stringing machines on the market. It is a professional, constant pull-stringing machine priced just right, considering all its features and precision level. While it is considerably more expensive than Klippermate’s, it is a high-grade, highly durable tennis stringing machine that is certain to suit everyone’s needs, whether you’re a recreational tennis player or a professional stringer.

Our Verdict

The Klippermate is an exciting model for those starting in the art of stringing. Its price tag makes it very fast to get a positive return on your investment – so it is the perfect model for a beginner stringer to initiate. 

While this is a straightforward device, and an experienced stringer might outgrow it, we found it surprisingly competent and perfect for a recreational player who doesn’t want to spend a lot of money starting out.

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