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Gamma X-Stringer X2 Review

The Gamma X Stringer X2 is the brand’s entry-model tennis stringing machine.

While its features are nothing outside this world, it is a competent machine priced below average.

And we found that it does possess some features that typically belong to premium stringing machines, making it an exciting model.

Keen to see how is its performance like and how does it fare against its competitors?

Let’s get to the Gamma X-Stringer X-2 review.

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Drop weight tensioning system; 2-point mounting system; Floating clamps; Tabletop setup


  • Stable and reliable
  • Cheap
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Durable


  • Not the best clamps

What sets it apart from its competitors / Main features

Gamma’s entry-level model has some features that are typically found  in the best tennis stringing machines

It comes with a 360º rotatable turntable, a drop-weight mechanism, 2 mounting points in contact with your racket’s frame, and 2 clamps.

Its low price is this machine’s prominent attraction feature and fierce competition for the best seller Klippermate.

Gamma X-Stringer X2 Features

A drop-weight string tensioning mechanism

Gamma X-Stringer features a simple, drop-weight tensioning mechanism.

While this mechanism does not allow for millimetric precision, Gamma’s drop-weight system is exact and does not allow for much loss of tension.

Drop-weight tensioning mechanisms leverage a weight on a bar, using its distance to the racket’s frame to create the desired force. You have to account for some tension loss compared to high-end, electronically constant pull tensioning systems. However, if you are not a professional player, you certainly won’t feel a difference – tension losses are so minimal that a regular recreational player won’t notice.

It allows for tensions between 8 to 90 lbs (3,6 to 40 kgs), the standard tensioning weight interval for tennis stringing machines.

2-point Mounting System

As with entry-level machines like this, the Gamma X Stringer X2 comes with a 2-point mounting system.

Mounting systems refer to how many machine points are in contacting and securing the racket when stringing. They can vary between 2 to 6.

The more mounting points a tennis machine has, the more secure the racket and the more precise that stringing process is.

This is especially true when we’re talking about tennis rackets with oversized frames – stringing a racket applies a considerable force to its frame, and distortion is always bound to happen, impacting stringing accuracy. The bigger the frame is, and the fewer mounting points a stringing machine has, the less accurate all processes will be.

Tabletop Setup

One of the most exciting features of the Gamma X-Stringer is the 360º rotating turntable – this is typically only available on the higher-end stringing machines that cost a lot more.

It makes it a breeze to string your rackets by adjusting the machine by rotating them rather than dismantling and securing them into place several times during the stringing process.

This feature on its own can save you considerable time – and is a serious advantage over other portable drop-weight models, like Klippermate (complete Klippermate review here, so you can compare both models).

Floating Clamps

Clamps can come in two ways – detached from the machine (flying clamps) or attached (fixed clamps). The best tennis stringing machines have fixed clamps that swivel along the device to secure the string – diminishing the total time needed to string a racket.

As is customary with stringing machines that cost below $1000, the Gamma X-Stringer X-2 has floating clamps that must be removed and attached at each stage of the stringing process. 

Users report that the Gamma X-Stringer clamps are not that sturdy and that, overall, they are not the best flying clamps on the market. We corroborate that opinion – although they get the job done, they could be easier to use. Since they are not attached to the machine, you can always replace them if you feel they need to be better for your needs.


The accessible price is one of the Gamma X-Stringer’s greatest assets. Gamma’s entry model is made with the recreational player in mind, and its pricing reflects that.

You only need a few stringing sessions to start saving money by not having to pay the labor to string your rackets.

We consider that being this cheap and having an overall high quality, along with some features that are typical of higher-end models, this stringing machine should be in every recreational player’s arsenal – it is one of the best budget stringing machines on the market.

Alternative Models to consider

Klippermate – Gamma X-Stringer X2’s most direct competitor. Its price tag and portable setup make the Klippermate one of the most sold tennis stringing machines ever. It is slightly cheaper than the X-stringer but does not come with the 360º rotating turntable.

Gamma X-ELS – One of the best tennis stringing machines overall. Look no further if you feel like the X-Stringer is too archaic for your needs. This is a professional, electronically constant-pull stringing machine with a tabletop setup for easy transportation.

Our Verdict

The Gamma X Stringer X2 is an excellent choice for those players starting out stringing their own rackets.

Its competitive price tag, competent performance and features that typically belong to higher priced stringing machines makes this model one of the best budget tennis stringing machines in the market.

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