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Gamma X-ELS Review

The X-ELS is one of Gamma’s most popular models and one of the most-sold tennis stringing machines worldwide.

Its advanced features, portability, and competitive price tag make it appealing for both individual players and business owners.

We tested this machine and present you below our Gamma X ELS review, with a detailed explanation of each of its specs and performance, along with some alternative models for your consideration.

Let’s get to the review.

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Electronics constant pull tensioning system (11 to 90 lbs / 5 to 40 kg, in 0,1 increments); 6 points mounting system with “V” mounts; Metal diamond-coated fixed swivel clamps

Digital LCD control panel for tension adjustment, 9 programmable memory settings, pulling speed, pre-stretch, and knot functions; 9 programmable memory settings

360º rotating turntable with locking brake; Tabletop, portable setup (floor stand available for an additional fee)

110 / 200 volts compatible; Built-in tool tray and drawers


  • All the features a serious stringer could ask
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Extreme precision constant pull tensioning system


  • None

What sets it apart from its competitors / Main features

The Gamma X-ELS stringing machine is the model that would be most suitable for most players and professional stringers due to its advanced features, high-tension precision, and on-point price tag.

It comes with fixed clamps that swivel, 6 point mounting system, and a 360º rotating turntable, and it is lightweight enough to be portable.

Simply put, the Gamma X-ELS is one of the best tennis racket stringing machines on the market.

Gamma X-ELS Review - Features

Electronic Constant Pull Tensioning System

The Gamma X-ELS tennis stringing machine features an electronically controlled constant pull tensioning system – the most precise system there is in the best tennis stringing machines.

The constant pull is the best tensioning system there is because the string is, as the name implies, constantly being pulled to ensure that its tension is millimetrically accurate at all times.

Other systems pull the string to the desired tension and then lock it into place – allowing for some tension loss in the locking process.

While the tension loss in other systems might be neglectable for most players, a professional stringing job requires an electronic constant pull system for tension precision.

String tension can be defined in the digital control panel on the machine itself. It allows for tensions between 11 and 90 lbs (5 to 40 kg), adjustable in 0.1 increments. 

6-point Mounting System

The mounting system refers to how many machine points touch the racket’s frame when stringing.

It can vary from 2 to 6 – the more mounting points a stringing machine has, the more precise the stringing process is. 

This is because when a racket is being strung, a lot of force is applied to its frame. This can lead to frame distortion (especially on oversized racket frames), resulting in a poorer stringing job.

Cheap stringing machines, like Klippermate or the Gamma X Stringer, tipically come with 2 mounting points.

The Gamma X-ELS, as the premium model that it is, has 6 mounting points, the most a stringing machine has. This ensures that the racket is well-secured and tight in the stringing process and has minimal frame distortion.

Tabletop Setup

The Gamma X ELS is a tabletop, portable stringing machine. 

Tennis stringing machines can be tabletop, meaning they don’t come with a base and can be used on any table or floor. They are also usually lighter than standalone models and can be transported from one place to another.

If you wish to take your stringing machine to the club or any other place, lend it to a friend, or rent it, the tabletop is the way to go.

On the other hand, standalone stringing machines come equipped with height-adjustable bases that support the device.

They are usually stabler, more comfortable to use, and not portable at all due to their size and weight.

So, if you wish to use your machine only at home, a standalone model provides additional comfort to the stringing process. If this route feels more suitable to your needs, we recommend you take into account the space it occupies, as it can be considerable.

Fixed Clamps that swivel

Fixed clamps that swivel is the best type of clamps available, and premium models like the Gamma X ELS come equipped with them.

Clamps are needed to hold the string in place during the stringing process. Fixed clamps that swivel are attached to the machine and move and lock as you wish. This provides much more comfort and stringing speed than the alternative – removing the clamps and attaching them to the next stringing spot.

Digital Control Panel

Modern electronic stringing machines have an LCD digital panel to control the stringing options.

In Gamma X-ElS’s digital panel, you can adjust string tension, pulling speed, knot functions, and pre-stretch.

A big plus is that it comes with 9 memory settings – meaning that if you regularly string your own racket with your preferred settings, you can save them into the machine and run them when it’s time to restring.

360º Rotatable Turntable with Locking Brake

This feature adds an incredible degree of comfort to your stringing process.

You can rotate the racket and lock it into place wherever you want it to be. In more archaic models, you have to detach the racket’s frame, turn it manually and attach it again.

This feature in itself saves a lot of time in the overall stringing process and makes it way more comfortable.

Additional Options

There are some additional options you can purchase with your Gamma X ELS.

If you wish to use it mainly at home but want the portability of a tabletop stringing machine, a floor stand is available for an additional fee. While it is not needed, per se, it adds to the comfort and the overall stringing experience. A custom Gamma cover is also available.

Another add-on is the foot pedal, providing a more hands-free operation.

Included in its base price are all the tools you need to string your rackets, and if you wish to string not only tennis rackets but also badminton ones, you can do it – no additional parts or tools are required.


We feel that Gamma X-ELS’s pricing is on-point. 

It is a professional tennis racket stringing machine with advanced features typically only available on models that cost a lot more, like the Wilson Baiardo.

While we understand that it might represent a considerable investment, you get an incredibly precise, professional tennis stringing machine that is very durable. 

Given its price range, we recommend it to advanced tennis players who need to string rackets frequently or business owners (whether tennis clubs, shops, or professional stringers). 

Alternative Models to consider

Gamma Progression ST II – If you do not require all the advanced features of the Gamma X-ELS and are comfortable with a machine with a crank mechanism, the Gamma Progression ST II is the way to go. It has some of the advanced features that make the Gamma X-ELS appealing, like the 360º rotatable turntable and 6 mounting points, for a fraction of the price.

Gamma 8900 ELS – Our experts consider this machine the best stringing machine on the market. While it represents a heftier investment, you get the absolute best there is – one that will endure thousands of stringings for the decades to come.

Our Verdict

The Gamma X ELS is the best value-for-money tennis stringing machine there is. It is a professional device that possesses really advanced features for a competitive price tag.

It is the way to go for advanced tennis players and business owners who want a professional, durable, and accurate stringing machine and don’t want to break their bank accounts to do so.

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