Cost of building a tennis court

Cost of building a tennis court

So you are about to fulfill every tennis enthusiast’s dream – to have a tennis court.

The ability to play tennis whenever you want, from the comfort of your backyard, is unparalleled. 

Besides that priceless advantage, having a tennis court on your property can be a fantastic way to add value to it.

However, building a tennis court does not come cheap. 

There are a lot of variables to take into account when considering the cost of building a tennis court:

  • land preparation – such as leveling, panning over the area or installing concrete 
  • the type of surface you will be playing into, 
  • support infrastructures – like lighting and fencing 
  • and court maintenance


So, how much does it cost to build a tennis court overall?

Building a tennis court will cost anywhere between 30.000$ and 150.000$.

Let’s break down these costs and understand what you can expect to have to invest and what kind of options are in the market.

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Types of tennis court surfaces

The first decision is what kind of surface your court will have. This will be the decision that will impact the construction cost the most.

Besides the initial construction cost, the type of surface you choose will also impact the maintenance cost and frequency.

There are three main types of surfaces in tennis – hard, grass, and clay surfaces – each one with its particularities.

Hard surfaces have higher initial building costs but do not require regular maintenance and have a longer lifespan. However, if something is to break and needs repair, expect the repair costs to be high.

Grass types of surfaces are very interesting to have, and in this type of surface, you will have two choices:

  • Natural grass requires almost daily maintenance and has an expensive initial cost.
  • Turf that works and functions like natural grass but does not need a lot of maintenance. Its cost to build is also significantly lower. 


At last, there are clay courts, like the one played in the Roland Garros tennis tournament. Clay is the cheapest surface to choose when considering the tennis court cost – however, expect extremely high maintenance needs. And, if something erodes, expect hefty reparation fees.

Cost Ranges and Maintenance Levels by type of court

Cost Range Maintenance Level
30.000$ - 75.000$
40.000$ - 100.000$
60.000$ - 120.000$
Natural Grass
60.000$ - 150.000$
Very High - Daily
75.000$ - 120.000$


Clay courts are the cheapest to build but require constant maintenance, such as brushing and evening the court to keep it ready to play. 

Expect to spend between 30.000$ and 75.000$ to build it, plus around 2000$ per year to maintain it in top condition. If you are willing to brush and water it yourself, you can dust off most of its maintenance cost.


Asphalt is the typical hard tennis court surface. It does not require much maintenance, and its cost to build is between 40.000$ and 100.000$. 

Its lifespan is between 15 to 20 years – you can expect cracks to occur after a few years (depending on the terrain it is built on, though).

If you’re willing to invest a little bit more, we recommend you build your hard tennis court on post-tensioned concrete, which is more durable than asphalt in the long term.


Post-tensioned concrete is the most durable type of hard court. The initial cost to build is steeper than if you build it in asphalt, but it will last for longer and is less prone to cracks – so, fewer repair costs for you to support in the long run.

Expect to spend somewhere between 60.000$ and 120.000$ to build a concrete tennis court.

Natural Grass

Real grass courts are the staple of “premium” tennis court surfaces. They are the most expensive type of tennis courts to build and require the most maintenance – almost daily care is necessary, such as cutting the grass evenly and replacing grass periodically on the spots where you step the most, as it will erode as time passes.

Expect to spend between 60.000$ and 150.000$ to have your Wimbledon-like court in your backyard – and add regular maintenance costs to that fee.

Turf (Synthetic Grass)

Astro-turf is like synthetic grass – it has a grassy feeling but requires much less maintenance than the real thing. 

The cost to build can be similar to real grass tennis courts, but you’ll save in the long run by not having maintenance costs and headaches.

Its cost to build can sit anywhere between 75.000$ and 120.000$.

What influences the cost of tennis courts?

There are some features to consider when evaluating the cost of building a tennis court besides its surface. 

They include fencing, painting the surface, lightning, a tennis net set, and a sprinkler system installation (if you opt for an actual grass surface).

You also need to consider if you’d like to build an indoor or outdoor tennis court. If you choose an indoor one, add the structure (or bubble) fee to the total cost of building a tennis court.

What kind of maintenance do tennis courts need?

The maintenance depends mainly on what kind of surface your court is built on.

Here’s a breakdown of the expected maintenance by court surface:

  • Clay – Brushing, evening the court surface, periodically refilling the clay.
  • Asphalt – Very low maintenance. Repainting the lines every few years and resurfacing and repairing cracks if they occur.
  • Concrete – Same as asphalt. The chances of having to resurface or repair cracks are much lower.
  • Turf / Synthetic grass – Brushing and removing debris periodically.
  • Real, natural Grass – Mowing the court daily, watering, replacing the eroded spots, and removing weeds. Almost daily maintenance is needed to maintain this kind of surface.

Benefits of owning a tennis court

There are many benefits to owning a tennis court. 

While it may be a hefty investment, it can be a wise one from the financial perspective – the increase in the valuation of your property can quickly compensate for the investment you made to build your court, as there are not many properties that have their tennis court.

Besides that:

  • You own your tennis court! You can play whenever you want, alone, with your family, or organize periodically to get together with your friends to play and eat from the comfort of your backyard.
  • It can be repurposed to play other sports, such as soccer, basketball, volleyball, and badminton – your imagination is the limit.
  • You can rent your tennis court to those interested in playing and making a profit. 
  • If you are a tennis coach, you can organize your lessons in your backyard – adding comfort and time to your professional life.


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