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The 5 Best Asics Tennis Shoes

The Asics brand is a staple in tennis shoes. Since its founding in 1950, they’ve been one of the market leaders in sports shoes. And for good reasons.

Asics tennis shoes are known for their stability, comfort and durability and are used by tennis players worldwide. Novak Djokovic and Iga Swiatek are big names in tennis that use Asics shoes daily.

We present below the best Asics tennis shoes on the market, differentiated by categories – best for men, women, stability, hard courts and best Asics budget tennis shoes. Each model below stood out in its class, standing out in the field evaluations that our expert testers carried out for more than 30 hours of gameplay with each model.

Find out below which Asics tennis shoes are the best for your needs.

The Top Asics Tennis Shoes

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Asics Gel Resolution 8

The best of the test

Asics Gel-Resolution 8

The Asics Gel Resolution 8 is the best tennis shoe we’ve tested – not only from Asics but from all brands. 

The comfort of the Gel Resolution 8 tennis shoes is unparalleled – their Gel cushioning system technology helps absorb the energy, making them highly comfortable without sacrificing stability.

Another standout feature of this model is its durability. This is an extremely well-constructed tennis shoe featuring Asics’ proprietary AHAR technology that reinforces critical areas in the outsole that are typically prone to faster abrasion.

Overall, the Asics Gel Resolution 8 is an excellent tennis shoe for every type of player, as it excels in virtually all criteria on which we evaluate tennis shoes.

What sets it apart from its competitors? 

As there are many differentiating points between the Asics Gel Resolution 8 and its competitors, we’ll have to go with versatility. It is even one of the best tennis shoes for achilles tendonitis. You can’t go wrong with this tennis shoe.

Some professional tennis players that use this model and can attest to its quality are Gaël Monfils and Iga Swiatek, to name a few.

While most tennis shoes focus on speed, abrasion or comfort, sacrificing the remaining criteria, the Gel Resolution 8 seems exceptionally competent in all these areas. This extremely well-constructed tennis shoe, employing a lot of technological development, is made to appeal to both professional and recreational tennis players. 

Specs and Technologies:

Gel Cushioning system DYNAWRAP Technology, DYNAWAL Technology, AHAR outsole, Pguard toe protection, Flexion Fit Upper, Personal Heel Fit Collar Lining, Trusstic System technology


  • Very Comfortable
  • Amazing feet support
  • Very Stable
  • Excellent Responsiveness


  • Could be more breathable

Asics Court FF 2

Best for men and hard court players

Asics FF 2

According to our expert testers, the Asics Court FF 2 is the second-best tennis shoe in the market. You can see the pattern here, right?

Asics is indeed a great brand when it comes to tennis shoes.

The Court FF 2 is another all-around, well-constructed model that primes on comfort. The major difference between this model and the Gel Resolution 8 is that the FF 2 feels tighter – primarily due to its mono-sock. Depending on their taste, this could be an advantage to some players and a disadvantage to others.

Given this factor, if you have wider feet, you might not be delighted with this model – the Gel Resolution 8 would fit you better.

What sets it apart from its competitors? 

The Asics Court FF 2 is a highly durable, comfortable and well-constructed model – something Novak Djokovic can attest to since these are the tennis shoes he uses.

Asics’ Gel technology helps with stability and overall comfort – criteria that Asics shoes are known to have. Also, they are incredibly durable, thanks to their AHAR technology that reinforces areas of the shoe that are typical to wear faster.

However you slice it, the Asics Court FF 2 is an extraordinary model made to appeal to a broad audience and primes for its comfort and durability.

Between the Asics Court FF 2 and the Gel Resolution 8, our advice is to look at your own feet and to how much you like them to be “hugged” – if you have normal to wide feet or if mono socks are not your thing, go with the Gel Resolution 8. If you have narrow to regular feet and want your shoes to fit you like a glove, the Court FF 2 is the way to go.

Specs and Technologies

Gel Cushioning system, AHAR outsole, Trusstic System technology, Pguard toe protection, Mono Sock, Duomax support system, Personal Heel Fit technology.


  • Very Comfortable
  • Amazing Support
  • Very Stable


  • Slightly sturdy plastic upper

Asics Gel Dedicate 7

Best budget tennis shoes

asics gel-dedicate 7

The Asics Gel Dedicate 7 is the brand’s entry model, made with recreational players that don’t want to spend their kidneys on tennis shoes in mind.

As one would expect, they are not as comfortable or durable as other tennis shoes on this list, given that the price tag is cut in half.

However, if you’re on a tight budget and want a competent tennis shoe that excels in stability, the Asics Gel Dedicate 7 is the way to go.

What sets it apart from its competitors? 

One of the standout features of the Asics Gel Dedicate 7 is the fantastic stability they provide. Our testers and users worldwide agree they are even stabler than more expensive models.

Another highlight of the Gel Dedicate 7 is that they are very lightweight, at only 338g. 

As expected from their reduced price tag, they are not so durable, comfortable or breathable.

But, if you want a tennis shoe that doesn’t break your bank account, is lightweight and provides impressive stability, the Dedicate 7 is your best choice.

Specs and Technologies

Gel cushioning technology, Trusstic technology.


  • Inexpensive
  • Excellent Stability
  • Extremelly Lightweight


  • Not very durable
  • Not the most comfortable shoe
  • Not very breathable

Asics Gel Game 7

Best tennis shoes for stability and comfort

asics gel-game 7

The Asics Gel Game 7 focuses on stability above all else. They provide excellent lateral stability and on-court grip (or traction), making them the perfect tennis shoe for those heavy baseline hitters.

Being of Asics’ Gel gama, these tennis shoes are as comfortable as expected. They are extremely efficient at absorbing shock, dispersing it through the foot so that the sudden accelerations and stops are not so harsh on your body.

What sets it apart from its competitors? 

Asics have a tennis shoe for each playing style – the Gel Game 7 is meant for those players that need stability and traction. Heavy baseline hitters are the kind of players that will love these shoes the most, as they are specifically engineered for lateral movements.

Another feature that stands out regarding the Asics Gel Game 7 is the shoe’s breathability. It has an open mesh upper and an inner sole that does not allow moisture to be trapped in it – the perfect model for those with sweaty feet.

Specs and Technologies

Gel Cushioning system; Pguard toe protection


  • Very Stable
  • Breathable
  • Comfortable
  • Excellent grip
  • Affordable


  • A little stiff in the heel

Asics Solution Speed Flytefoam 2

Best for women, best lightweight tennis shoe

Asics Solution Speed FF2

The Asics Solution Speed FF 2 is Asics’ take on ultra-light tennis shoes – without sacrificing comfort, as other tennis brands do. All thanks to its Flytefoam technology, providing very lightweight cushions. 

This is a highly flexible shoe made for all-court players, both professional and recreational. They specialize in lateral movements and sudden speed bursts – the ideal tennis shoe for those who like to go to the net to finish with a smash or a volley.

What sets it apart from its competitors? 

The Solution Speed Flytefoam 2 takes the lightweight of a tennis shoe to a whole new level. This is one of our favourite models because of how well it joins comfort and acceleration. 

If you feel like the typical comfortable tennis shoes are too heavy for you, but don’t want those lightweight models that make you feel like you’re pressing the ground with your bare feet, then this model is ideal for you.

Specs and Technologies

Flytefoam technology, Gel Cushioning system, DYNAWRAP Technology, AHAR outsole, Pguard toe protection, Flexion Fit Upper, Personal Heel Fit Collar Lining, Trusstic System technology, Asicsgrip technology


  • Very lightweight and agile
  • Comfortable
  • Excellent on-court traction


  • Not the most stable shoes
  • Snug fit
  • Poor arch support

Asics tennis shoes technologies explained

  • Duomax – reduces stress on the foot caused by overpronation, supporting the foot and enhancing the overall utilization comfort.
  • AHAR – An acronym for Asics high abrasion rubber. It is implemented on specific areas of the shoe that are typically more prone to wear and tear, to improve the durability of the shoe.
  • Trusstic – Improves overall shoe’s stability by reinforcing the middle part of the sole, preventing the shoe from twisting when turning.
  • Pguard – Reinforces the toe area of the shoe for added durability.
  • Gel – A cushion made with a unique ASICS proprietary material designed to absorb vertical shock and disperse through the feet, resulting in a more comfortable and stable experience and lessening the potential for stress-related injuries in the long run. 
  • Flytefoam – A very light type of cushioning. They were usually applied to speed-focused tennis shoes.
  • Dynawrap – Panels system that cradles the foot, adapting to the player’s movement and momentum. It is made to add overall stability and prevent shoe twisting.
  • Dynawall – A responsive rubber meant to improve lateral stability.

FAQ about Asics tennis shoes

Why are Asics shoes so popular?

Unlike the vast majority of their competitors, which are polyvalent sporting goods providers, Asics specializes in sports shoes, making them extremely good and backed by decades of studies and technological developments.

Also, Asics tennis shoes are known for their comfort, which some other non-comfort-oriented models from other brands lack. What good is a tennis shoe that is not comfortable for?

They are well renowned for the overall quality of their tennis shoes – that’s why they are so popular among recreational and professional players alike.

What is unique about Asics tennis shoes?

As seen above, Asics has spent decades researching and developing new technologies that make up for typical flaws that other tennis shoes have. This led to the development of many technologies, like Gel, AHAR and Trusstic, to name a few.

Due to this, Asics tennis shoes are among the best in the market – whether you need comfort, stability or some tennis shoes meant for great speed, Asics has you covered.

Are Asics tennis shoes durable?

Yes, Asics tennis shoes are very durable. The shoe’s durability also depends on your budget – expect that a 50$ pair of shoes won’t last as long as one that costs 150$. 

But, since Asics is a premium tennis shoe brand, you can expect all its models to withstand heavy use.

If you’re looking for very durable tennis shoes, look for ones with AHAR technology – like the Gel Resolution 8, the Solution Speed FF2 or the Court FF2. Asics implements a unique rubber in specific parts of the shoe that are more prone to wear and tear to make them last longer. 

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