About Tennis Bolt

Hi and welcome to Tennis Bolt!

Tennis Bolt is run by me, John Stones, a 26-year-old tennis enthusiast, along with a few friends who are as passionate with tennis as I am.

I’ve been playing tennis for 23 years (!!), since my dad introduced me to it when I was just 3 years old.

I had the dream of becoming professional when I was a kid – I had classes from 6 to 10 years old and even participated in and won a few tournaments. Life turned another route when my parents lost their jobs and couldn’t afford for me to take tennis lessons anymore.

After a hiatus of a few years, I returned to tennis when I was about 14 years old, and never looked back – I still play nowadays, non-competitivelly. Just with friends, having fun. After all, that is what tennis is all about, isn’t it?

Why have we founded Tennis Bolt?

We’ve always thought of tennis as a sport for rich people. Tennis equipment is expensive, renting courts is expensive, tennis lessons are expensive… you name it. To just try the game, you’ll have to, at least, buy a tennis racket, some balls, and rent a court.

To add to the bill, taking some tennis lessons is a must, since tennis is a sport where you can expect to play for some months until you can hit a ball semi-properly. And that can set you back at least, a few hundred dollars.

And that always fed us up.

We want to change the game and make the great sport of tennis accessible to most people.

Our Vision and Mission

At Tennis Bolt, we believe in a world where kids can try out any sport they want, regardless of if their parents have the means to buy them gear and support clubs’ monthly fees, or not.

This can be accomplished by partnering with clubs and schools, and just incentivize people them to try it out, for free.

The sport benefits as a whole, since more people become aware and follow tennis – and kids experiment a sport that, otherwise, they might never try. And we think that is great!

And, who knows, we might be creating the next Roger Federer!

Another mission we have is the reduction of the number of products that are wasted every year. Think about the number of rackets that you probably have in your house, as a tennis enthusiast. There’s a clear misinformation of what tennis products are appropriate to your playing style and physical characteristics – resulting in buying 3 or 4 products, just to find out the one that fits you! We, at Tennis Bolt, compromise to tackle this problem in two ways:

  • Education – We evaluate and review tennis products, by scientific methods, so we can tell you which products are best for your playing style or physical characteristics. We hope to diminish the number of bad purchases before finding your product this way!
  • Negotiating with suppliers – We know that tennis gear is expensive and, as such, we negotiate with multiple suppliers so we can deliver you the best deals in the market – so you don’t have to spend a cent more than you should!